Maine Coon Cattery Sprinysem and Cat carrier

Our kittens grow up in a domestic environment together with all other cats and 2 small children.
The parents are tested for:
DNA: HCM, SMA, Pkd, HCM echo, Pkd echo, HD X-ray, Patellar luxation en FIV/FeLV.

Maine Coon cats are real hunters and like to go outside. However, you can only trust them outside in a safe enclosed place such as a cat run or a securely fenced garden.
If you don't have this, then keep them inside. .

The Maine Coon likes to have a partner in crime, a cuddle and sleeping friend.
The kittens are therefore not placed in families where they will grow up alone.

he kittens may receive visitors from the age of 5-6 weeks. As a precaution, and for the safety of the kittens and cats,
we ask not to visit another cattery on the same day.
During this visit we check if there is a click between the kitten and the future butler.
If there is a match, an option can be taken for 7 days.
The kitten will be reserved for you after receipt of the advance of 250€.
A deposit is not refundable in case of renunciation.

f something goes wrong with the kitten you have chosen, you will have priority to choose a kitten from the next litter of your choice. If no other kitten becomes available within a year, the deposit will be refunded.
In case of doubt, the cattery reserves the right to return the deposit and assign the kitten to the most suitable family.
When you reserve a kitten, and this until the kitten can pack its suitcase for departure, you will receive pictures of the little one regularly.

A kitten may leave for its new home at a minimum age of 14 weeks, but only after approval of the veterinarian. It can happen that a kitten needs more time before it can move.
The kitten will receive a kitten package along with his/her pedigree.

A few days before the agreed pickup date you will receive the contract for signature. The full purchase price will be paid before the collection of the kitten.

Please note that there are different prices for breeders than for fanciers, even for only 1 litter.

After moving, we like to keep in touch and are curious to see how they grow up to be beautiful adult Maine Coon.

If you are interested in one of our future kittens, please contact us.

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